So I tear up a lot when watching Doctor Who. Most of the scenes designed to pull at the heartstrings work on me. But there was once seen that really, really got to me.

It was Ryan trying to learn to ride a bike.

Even before they stated it I knew what was happening. This was a dispraxic person struggling to learn to ride a bike.

I knew, because I lived it.

When watching that scene I was transported right back to my 11 year old self. The fear, the frustration at my own body just not doing what it…

So I have a confession to make here. I actually rarely get on with ‘hard’ Scifi. I dont know what it is but I struggle to get into it. Which is a shame because I want to be that kind of nerd.

I cut my teeth on science fiction. Particularly Doctor who. And this was when Doctor who had been off the air for about a decade. My parents would rent out VHS tapes of the old show from the local library stem and would watch and re watch them for hours.

I fell in love with Doctor Who because…

“where’s the punk in solarpunk?” is such a common question to be asked when trying to explain solarpunk. Often it is asked in earnest puzzlement, and sometimes it is asked in a rather pointed tone, inferring the asker doesn’t believe it deserves the suffix of -punk.

This is a bit of an oversimplification and a stereotype of the values of the original punk movement. Whilst the art produced by the punk movement displays deep anger at society, it is justifiable anger at the injustices society harbours. …

With Solarpunk action week 2020 (march 8–14th) almost here I thought it would be a good time to give a primer on how to make seedbombs.

Seed bombs are small balls of wild-flour seeds compacted in balls of compost and clay. The idea is you just chuck one onto the desired target patch of earth, and then once it rains, boom; wildflowers.

Why Spread Wildflowers?

This Spreading of wildflowers will help bring more ecological diversity to urban areas, this will benefit a lot of insect populations, especially bees. I think by now everyone’s starting to understand how important that is. …

One thing that always bugs me about a lot of the concept art and ideas people have when talking about ideas for Solarpunk is when it amounts to simply bolting a lot of solar panels onto everything but keeping the underlying systems the same.

The society still built around everyone using an individual car. Lots of convenience electronics consuming large amounts of electricity and representing a large ecological debt of resources harvested.

Back in the early 2000’s when steampunk broke into popular consciousness a lot of the members of the community complained about the attitude of ‘just stick a few…

This is a common subject that has been covered before by Solarpunk Gnome as well as inspiration for an anthology fiction collection available

As I write this I’m looking out the window to see the world outside quickly shading into darkness and the amber glow of street lamps, It’s only 4pm . The trees, a blaze of golden hues only a week ago, are quickly becoming barren and skeletal. The cold is slowly usurping the air in my flat, and after donning three layers I’m still fighting the temptation to put the heating on for a bit longer.

Winter is…

Solarpunk and Halloween don’t seem to go together. You have a movement based entirely In the power of sunlight and nature in full bounty. This doesn’t seem to mesh well with Halloween, a celebration rooted in recognizing and honoring Death, darkness and the afterlife. Be it the very physical time where nature goes into hibernation and Daylight becomes Weak and short.
However I love Halloween, and I love Solarpunk. So I’m going to jam them together anyway. I guess this would be better to think of it as Lunarpunk. …

The autumn equinox is almost upon us. From this point out days are going to be more darkness then light. The sun is loosing its strength and soon the cold and ice will be here. But for now, its wonderfully autumnal.

I’m one of the horrible people that really, REALLY gets into autumn. Its just my time of year. So I really enjoy all the little novelties and rituals that happen around now; Halloween stuff is starting to pack the shelves, everyone starts putting warming spices in everything and nature becomes a blaze of colour.

In the neopagan wheel of…

I would like to thank everyone who gave suggestions and helped with this article. There was so much good advice and I couldn’t include it all.

I really encourage people to check out the threads that informed this article: The Reddit Post

A lot of solarpunk is speculative. So much of it is literature and art picturing a future with entirely new social infrastructure and societal norms. This raises the obvious question is how can one live a more solarpunk life in the here and now without the aid of a society built to accommodate it.

Many people I’ve…

The thing about lunar punk is there doesn’t seem to be a coherent idea of what it means. Solarpunk is fairly fuzzy round the edges as a concept, but it has a fairly recognizable core; hopeful utopian visions of the future that strongly feature eco-friendly technologies and ecologically integrated societies, bright colors, and a diverse set of people and cultural ideals.

Lunarpunk however, has yet to develop its own distinct identity as a subset or sibling of solarpunk. …

Craig Stevenson

HI! I’m a small-time blogger who likes to talk about Solarpunk, tech, paganism, social structures and a whole lot else.

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